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Historical Timeline


A brief history of the Newcastle Hebrew Congregation from its conception in 1905, through to the present.


More History

1905 - Congregation established

The Congregation was established in 1905  as Beth Yisrael (Beth Yesroel). This name was later inscribed as “The Holy Congregation of the House of Israel” on the front of the Shul between the two entrance pillars.

1926 - Tyrell Street land purchased

The Tyrell Street land was purchased in 1926. The initial decision to try to purchase a block of land was made in 1922 but it took an extra four years of fundraising and assistance to make it happen. This block was one of only a few available within budget; being adjacent to Rabbi Morris’ own house sealed the deal.

March 1927 - Building works began

After a suitable tender was finally approved, building work was started on the Shul in March 1927.

September 1927 - Shul consecrated

Construction of the Shul was completed. The Shul, in its pristine glory, was consecrated in a service on the 18th of September 1927. The Torah scrolls were placed in the Ark and the perpetual lamp was lit.

1977 - Shul Jubilee

The Shul’s Jubilee was celebrated on 11 June 1977. A time capsule with records and messages was lodged in the wall of Fredman Hall and witnessed by the congregation.

2005 - Congregational Centenary (Double Jubilee)

Beth Yisrael’s Centenary celebration as a congregation (or the 2nd Jubilee) was remembered in 2005.

2027 - Shul Centenary

The Shul’s Centenary celebrations (or 2nd Jubilee) will be held in 2027. The time capsule may be opened.

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