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Parsha, parshah, parashat, parshas…. it’s all the same. Have you ever thought “I really should read this week’s Parsha?” Then despite all best intentions, something gets in the way. You then soothe your guilt by thinking “not everyone in this life hit the ground running with a book in hand”. While it might be true that some of us really are “doers” more so than “learners”, maybe it doesn’t need to stay that way. So what’s the answer? The “cliff-notes” parsha; a.k.a. the humble “Parsha Summary”. Like us, they come in all sizes; from just a paragraph to pages that could inspire one to dig for days. It’s worth trying to make it a habit. But to make it a success, just start with a small achievable goal and focus on repeating that. See where it takes you.

Here’s a great summary to start with this week as we finish up the Book of Bereishit, “Parshat Vayechi”. (Courtesy of Rabbi Ira Zlotowitz). No excuses now!

VAYECHI: Yaakov adjures Yosef not to bury him in Egypt • Yaakov blesses Yosef’s children • Yaakov promises the land of Shechem to Yosef • Birchas Yaakov: Reuven, Shimon, and Levi are rebuked for their misdeeds • Yehudah is blessed with kingship • Levi, with priesthood • Yissachar, with Torah • Zevulun, with successful trade • Gad, with success at war • Dan, with judges • Asher, with fertile land • Naphtali, with swiftness • Binyamin, with strong will • Yosef, with beauty and fertility • Yaakov’s final instruction to his sons • Yaakov dies and is embalmed for forty days • Yosef receives permission to go bury his father in Canaan • After the great mourning at Goren HaAtad, it was renamed “Avel Mitzrayim” • The brothers fear Yosef’s revenge • Yosef reassures them • Yosef asks Bnei Yisrael to take his remains with them when they leave Egypt and bury him in Eretz Yisrael • Yosef passes away and his casket is placed in the Nile River.

Chazak Chazak V’nischazek!

“Parshah in a Paragraph”: Rabbi Ira Zlotowitz –

Here’s a few more sources for Parsha summaries. Follow the links and instructions to find your way:

And as we are now at the end of Sefer Bereishit, we wish you the strength and blessings of the Torah.


(Want to know more about the custom of “Chazak” click here).

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