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This is the place for D’var Torah, news, the occasional inspiring story, or just anything relating to the Newcastle Hebrew Congregation.

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Parshat Vayigash 5782

Parshat Vayigash 5782 - Vayigash in a Nutshell Genesis 44:18–47:27 Judah approaches Joseph to plead for the release of Benjamin, offering himself as a slave to the Egyptian ruler in Benjamin's stead. Upon witnessing his brothers' loyalty to...

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Vayishlach: Geed Hanasheh—Sciatic Nerve

Vayishlach: Geed Hanasheh—Sciatic Nerve

Parshat Vayishlach 5782 Vayishlach: Geed Hanasheh—Sciatic NerveGeed hanasheh is the sciatic nerve, a sinew in the hip that Jews are forbidden to eat. Many know that kosher meat must be slaughtered and salted. Not many know about neekur, the intricate process that...

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Parshat Toldot: Delayed Gratification

Parshat Toldot 5782 DELAYED GRATIFICATION Imagine answering a knock on the door one afternoon, to a neighbour offering you $1000 for the beaten-up old vase on your front hall table. It’s a no-brainer; you’d take the money in a flash and slam the door on him...

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Parshat Chayei Sarah 5782

Parshat Chayei Sarah 5782 - in a nutshell (reprinted from with permission) Sarah dies at age 127 and is buried in the Machpelah Cave in Hebron, which Abraham purchases from Ephron the Hittite for four...

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Parshat Vayeira 5782: Something worth dying for

Parshat Vayeira 5782 G‑d reveals Himself to Abraham three days after the first Jew’s circumcision at age ninety-nine; but Abraham rushes off to prepare a meal for three guests who appear in the desert heat. One of the three—who are angels disguised as men—announces...

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Lech-Lecha 5782: Wise ones, watch your words

Lech-Lecha 5782 The portion of Lech-Lecha introduces us fully to Abraham and Sarah - the couple responsible for announcing monotheism to the world. It was they who reintroduced the one and only G-d to a society who had expunged Him. Where civilisation had deleted G-d...

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Parshat Noach 5782: Where’s your Ark?

Parshat Noach Earlier this week, we all panicked while  living a few hours without WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. During this strange time, I realized something: I am just like Noah! For an entire year, Noah was in the ark. One must assume that he didn't have any...

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"And You did establish to Yourself Your people Israel to be a people unto You forever; and You, L-rd, became their G-d".

II Shmuel 7:24
June 2024

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